My Home: Value Marketing Strategies, Sell or Rent? Home-Staging

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I am sure that you have many questions… We can help.

What is the difference between a real estate agent and REALTOR?
What is my home worth?
Should I buy or sell first?
Do I need a Realtor to market my home?
How is the real estate market?
What first-time homebuyer programs are available?
Is my home ready for sale?
What is a short sale?

If you have decided to sell your home, we have provided some suggestions to make your home as appealing as possible to the potential buyers.  Our agents can give you their professional opinion of a few inexpensive things that would maximize your home’s appeal without costing a lot of money.

  • Curb appeal is a well-manicured lawn
  • Make necessary repairs
  • Remove clutter to enhance the home’s space
  • Tidy up the closets
  • Fresh paint
  • Arrange furniture to show off special features

How much do I ask for my home?

The asking price for your home depends on a myriad of variables.  Of course, location, property size, age, condition, any special features or improvements are considered in determining the potential value of your home.  Our professional agent will do extensive research of the sale prices and current prices of comparable homes in the neighborhood and city.  Also our agents will look at the residential trends to develop the market value of your home.


Once, you have made that initial decision to look into placing your home on the market, our professional agent prior to any commitment from you, will provide you with a customized marketing plan including promotional and advertising materials featuring your home.

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